The following movies are made with the Minolta Z1 camera. They are in Quicktime format. If you use Linux, you can play them using mplayer. If you use another operating system, you can play them using Quicktime. You can download the player from Apple Computer at

These files are very large and will take a long time to download. If you simply left-click on a file, you may not know for a long time if the download is successful because your web browser will not tell you until it is ready to play the movie. You are better off right-clicking on the file and saving it to your hard disk. This will give you some status indicator to tell you when the download is done.

December 22, 2003: The Z1 Goes Skiing. Video of my daughter Ashley skiing at White Tail in Pennsylvania: (41MB)

October 11, 2003: The Sky Princess rollercoaster at Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster, PA: (48MB)

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