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My New Journal
Thursday, 20 December 2001

I decided to start a Journal.  I want to have a place where I can record my musings and share them with others.  I will try to pick one topic each week and explore it at depth.

This weeks topic concerns Digital Cameras.  I am looking for the ultimate camera, and I am willing to wait until I find it.  I want to find the ultimate balance of features that will work best for me. 

My number one requirement is for the camera to be with me at all times so that I am always ready to take a picture.  I have found through experience that size matters.  If the camera is not small and light, then it will not be there when I want it.  My current camera, an Agfa CL-30, is not very large, but big enough to leave a lump in my pocket.  In the colder months, my camera sits in my right jacket pocket.  In the summer, I have to move it between my bag and my shorts pockets.  My next camera must be smaller than my current one so that I will hardly notice it when it is with me.

The next requirement is zoom.  The Agfa has no zoom.  I find myself reaching out with the camera to get it as close to people's faces as I can.  If I am sitting across a table from my subject, I will stretch my arms out with the camera.  I would really like to be able to zoom in to get close shots.  I don't want this zoom to make the camera big and bulky however.  The Olympus C-700 Ultra Zoom has a 10x zoom, but I think it is just a little too bulky to fit in my pockets.

This leaves me with just a few 3X zoom cameras.  Canon makes the S100, S110, and S300 line.  All are ultra small and very stylish, but none has 3 mega-pixels and 3X zoom.